Ways to Help An Alcoholic

There are many ways how to help an alcoholic. The first step in helping them is to know what alcoholism is, and making sure that it is what the person is suffering from. You never want to walk up to the person without knowing one hundred percent that they are an alcoholic.

There are many ways to tell if the person is an alcoholic or not. If he or she is suffering from chronic hangovers, blackouts, and dizzy spells this could be a sign. Also if you notice that your friend of loved one has alcohol on their breath all the time, this is another sign. Redness around
the nose and eyes is a third sign to look out for. If he or she has abrasions on the neck or anywhere else this is a very good sign that they are suffering from alcohol addiction and they need immediate help.

The next step to take is to talk to the person about their problem. Explain to them what will happen if they keep drinking. If they drink to much their liver could shut down, and this could cause them to die, and no one wants that to happen. If they live with you eliminate alcohol out of your home. Set rules as to how much, if any, they can have to drink.