How to Help an Alcoholic

If you cannot control their alcoholic addiction then there are other ways how to help an alcoholic. There are AA groups and rehab centers that are specifically designed for alcoholics.

Make sure to do research before sending your friend or family member to one of these places. Get all the numbers for the AA groups (Alcoholics Anonymous) and rehab centers in your area. Call them and ask them questions. Some of your questions should include; how much will it cost, is it covered by insurance, what are the programs available, how long are the programs, and is their any visitation days. If the person on the phone cannot answer one of these questions or if they give you an answer that you don’t like then move to the next place.

The final step is to get the person to actually go to AA or rehab. Sit down with them and other family members and explain the situation. Never get mad at the person because it is a very difficult decision for them to make. Once they make the decision to go they will be on their way to recovery