Drug Rehab in Canada

Coast to coast, North and South, urban and rural drug use is a high percent of whatever the population base is in our vast country. Compared to our neighbours to the South, Canada has liberal drug laws and no better results than America’s War on Drugs. The industry from grow ops, illegal labs, international distributors, to the street level dealers thrive no matter what the rest of the economy does.

There are some very mixed messages being put out as well. Drug use is bad, don’t get yourself involved is likely the first message and is mostly given to young school children. Yet the crime of possession often goes without even a charge being laid and sometimes dealers are not getting jail sentences. If you do get hooked we will do everything we can to reduce the harm you could do to yourself, with free needle exchanges, shooting galleries if needed and in Vancouver and Montreal even free heroin if you qualify.

With all the above, plus the the daily news of the take down of a grow op, meth lab, seizure at the boarder and the polarity of the opposing sides arguing in the media and on line, it can present a confusing picture.

For the addict who wants to clean up and get his life back it can be just as confusing as to the number of places he can go and various types of treatment protocols offered. The truth of the matter is the bulk of good rehab programs is no where what it needs to be to meet these needs. This creates the revolving door syndrome and makes getting clean seem impossible to someone who has tried and relapsed too many times.

There are certain elements Drug Rehab Referral Services looks for in a program. We try to help place people in appropriate, successful programs no matter their circumstances. We try to educate the caller as to why we are looking in a certain direction so they understand. If you are confused about where to go you can contact us and get information that will help you make a decision that will get you or the person you care about into a program that gets them in control now and for the rest of their life.