Cocaine Addiction Rehab and Treatments

Cocaine rehab and treatment centers are located locally throughout the United States. The millions of Americans who are addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine have more than doubled in the past several years. There is an astonishing 1.8 million teenage cocaine users currently in the United States, from age 12-17 the risk of becoming addicted is more than 50% that of someone who is of an adult age. This drug is extremely powerful and with the introduction of crack cocaine, the ability to become addicted to the drug has increased dramatically.

Cocaine rehab is an important and necessary step to free you or a loved one from this expensive and life threatening habit. The risk of heart failure, overdose, seizures, and many other health problems, does not seem to deter the user from using. The brain develops a taste for the drug quickly and will relay messages back to its owner that it wants or NEEDS more. The drug seeking behavior of the addict will then be onset and the downward spiral to self-destruction begins.

If you have a drug addiction problem, you need to seek help, cocaine rehab and treatment centers will be able to offer the guidance and professional help that you need to kick this habit. If you suspect a loved one is addicted to cocaine, there are some signs to look for that should indicate that your suspicions are correct.

The addicts will often times keep odd hours, staying up for days at a time and then sleeping for several days in a row. The drug works as a stimulant and will keep the user awake and unable to slow down, let alone sleep for long periods of time.

The cocaine user will show signs of excessive cocaine use by dilated pupils, when the user is coming down from the drug, the pupils tend to dilate even larger.

There may be large amounts of money missing or unaccounted for, as the drug seeking behavior takes over the addict, the thought of stealing may no longer be immoral. They will often see obtaining the drug as the highest priority and other responsibilities will suffer, such as house payments, insurance, and even care for their family or children.